It’s so botanical!!

Running from lovely scene to another is what we expected at the St. Louis Botanical Garden and we were not let down. What a great place for a spring wedding!

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Wedding Venue: Botanical Gardens

Reception Venue: 9th Street  Abbey 

Florist: Flowers and Weeds

Caterer:  PattyLong Catering

Wedding Cake: Wedding Wonderland Cakeshop

Reception Music: Kevin Foshe

Bridal Gown: Moonlight Bridal


5 Comments on “It’s so botanical!!

  1. Jen, what a beautiful bride you were in your gorgeous dress – you looked fabulous. How beautiful to have the wedding at the Garden, every picture is terrific…

    Wishing much happiness to you both….and thanks for sharing this blog.


  2. Jen and Dan,

    Thanks for sharing your wedding photos with me. Loved all of them. Such a cute couple and gorgeous setting. They were beautiful.


    Mama Seng

    • Jen & Dan,

      Thank you for sharing these with us all and Jen you look just like Audrey Hepburn!!!!

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